Wednesday afternoon & night – Market & “Sprittwoch”

Wednesday – Probably the best day of the week for students in Münster. In other cities, Wednesday is also known as ‘Bergfest’, in Münster it is better known as ‘finally it’s market’ or ‘Sprittwoch’. Of course, to give our friends from Georgia an idea, we showed them both.

Once our project work was done, we set off on our bikes to the market for lunch. The absolute highlight was the fried potatoes with pickled cucumber. After lunch, we all had a short break. Many of our friends used this time to do their laundry at the laundromat. We all met at the hotel in the evening and made our way together to our first stop, the kebab shop. Although there is a similar dish in America, everyone agreed that it was the best kebab they ever had.

After dinner, nothing stood in the way of the “Sprittwoch”. We started in the “Dille”, a well-known bar for students in Münster. This was followed by the “Lawine”, which is similar to an après-ski bar. Later some people went to the club and then to the canal.

What a fun day – we don’t think it’s possible to get a better impression of a typical Wednesday in Münster.

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