Workshop Day 5 – Final Presentation

We started our last day by meeting at the Leonardo Campus at 9 am. The most work was already done and we just had to finish the last things before the presentation. For example did Moritz finalize his program and the presentation group improved the presentation and organized, who later presents which part. 

At 11:30 am we went to the cafeteria and had our last lunch together with the Americans. After that we made a last group picture and then rode our bicycles into the city to the “Stadtweinhaus”, where in the past the basement was used to store wine. Then we meet the people of “Future City Münster”, who gave us the task do a Design Thinking process for reducing data waste. 

We first had a preparation time of about half an hour and after that we started with our presentation. In the presentation we presented the process of Design Thinking, how we used Design Thinking and our final results and ideas to them.

After that we discussed with them what they think are the best ideas and how a city could help implementing them. After that we went back to the Leonardo Campus and started barbequing. 

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