Workshop Day 4 – Prototyping and Testing

Our workshop day on Thursday got off to a very leisurely start. This was because we had been partying on Wednesday and most of us were therefore very tired and perhaps hungover. On the agenda was prototyping and testing the ideas we had collected on Wednesday. As we didn’t have the time and opportunity to create “real” prototypes, we focused on working out the ideas. Nevertheless, two prototypes were developed. On the one hand, we have DataMunch. This is a program designed to playfully help delete data. This little pet is like a Tamagotchi and has to be fed. To do this, you have to give the DataMunch your unused files so that they are then deleted and the DataMunch is happy.
We have also created a prototype for an app that should help to clarify how much CO2 you use with your data and how much space is used where and what you can delete. There should also be a parental control to ensure that children don’t start saving too many files from an early age.

For lunch he ate at the cafeteria again. The weather was good so we were able to sit outside.

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