First team meeting in VR

After each of us had tested their VR-goggles for themselves, we finally met as a team in VR. Due to the time zone difference, it was an early meeting for the American students and went into the evening for us. It was an exciting experience for all of us and we had fun experimenting with the possibilities of a virtual space. The new dimension opened up by VR allowed us to present the result of our task – planning a design thinking workshop – throughout the room. Trying (and struggling with) the different tools and communicating through our avatars was a fun way to get to know each other. Also, we were able to get creative on the presentation board, as everyone could interact with it and add design elements out of the air. Despite some technical issues, it was a great experience in which we could work together closely and have a personal feeling while being far apart.

We look forward to meeting in the real world already!

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