First Team Meeting in VR – Group 2

All of us were excited to have our first meeting in VR. First, we started preparing everything via Zoom, and then we headed into our spatial room. However, it took quite a while for everyone to join. Some had difficulties logging into their accounts, while others had issues with their headsets and microphones, and some struggled with using the VR headsets in general. It was a bit of a struggle until everyone finally made it into the room, and we could start the actual meeting.

It was a cool experience collaborating with others in virtual reality. We felt closer to each other than we do via Teams, and for some time forgot about the great distance, especially between the American students and us. You can see how they move their hands, the voices come from around you, and there’s a sense of feeling that you’re in the same room together. We did experiment a bit with the different functions of using Post-its, but in the end, we imported the documents that we prepared via Teams and used these for the presentation because they were much clearer.

It was a great experience; however, we also faced some difficulties. Technical issues were one of the problems we encountered. Additionally, it was sometimes harder to follow each other’s thoughts because you can’t make out when someone is trying to speak and often start speaking at the same time, which gets quite distracting and makes it hard to follow the conversation.

Despite the few hick-ups along the way we had a cool experience together and are looking even more forward to meeting each other in person, this time for real!

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