Workshop Day 2 – CIT Visit , Empathizing and Persona Creation

On the second day, we picked up the Georgia students at the hotel again and drove with them to the Leo campus. They were surprisingly punctual, and we Germans were rather late, although people always talk about German punctuality. Maybe you shouldn’t follow every cliché.

This time, we didn’t go directly to the Leo Campus but to the Center for Information Technology at the University of Münster. Here we were given an exciting tour and learned more about the servers and data storage at the University of Münster. This gave us a whole new perspective on our challenge and helped us to understand the scale.

After we were afraid that Armin would be locked in the room, we all made it back to the Leo in one piece. We continued by summarizing the findings from the previous day of the different groups for everyone. The team leaders then had a brief discussion and clarified the day’s goals and procedures with their teams.

In my group, we reviewed and discussed the survey results. Over 250 responses were received in only one day! We created common categories for the open questions and clustered the answers so that we could present the results more clearly. Based on the results, we created different Personas to represent our end users and all their problems. The Personas should help us to better understand our target groups so that we can define the specific problems and come up with solutions that are actually accepted.

The working atmosphere was really nice, and everyone made an effort to contribute and get involved. It’s great what results you can come up with after just two days in such a large group! At the end of the workshop day, the research teams, our survey team, and the presentation team presented their results once again so that everyone knew the current status. The main feedback was that we should not skip any steps and should not think about solutions yet, as we are actually still in the empathy phase and are dealing with our target groups. That’s not so easy because you think you’re only making very slow progress. But I think that if we really stick to the phases, we can achieve good results!

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