The Case Reveal – Reducing Data Waste

Last Friday, our case that we will be working on with the American students was revealed. We were all very excited and couldn’t wait.
Our case was presented by André Wolf. He works as the Smart City Manager for the city of Münster. He introduced himself and showed us his work and why there is a need for a Smart City Manager.

The case is about reducing data waste as an act of fighting climate change. Think about a concert. You take a million pictures and videos and you’ll probably never look at them again. But they are stored in your phone’s memory or even in the cloud. To run the phone, you need a battery and therefore energy. To run the cloud, too.
Especially as we go digital and almost everyone has a smartphone, the waste of data is going to get worse.

Our goal will be to reduce this data waste. We are focusing on the “normal” people who often don’t even know about it. We are all looking forward to tackling this challenge with design thinking.

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