Workshop Day 3 – Defining and Ideating

Today it was time to finish the define phase and start ideating.

We were still working in 4 groups: One group still collecting material for and working on the presentation, and the three other groups all focusing on 3 personas which they finished defining and started ideating for. During this we noticed that we only focused on citizens/people and not on companies which is also part of our challenge though. So, one group created another persona as a CEO, representing a company.
With the personas, the fictional characters we created based on our research and survey results, we were able to understand and define their needs, behaviors and  problems. These personas helped us quite a lot in the ideate phase. We tried to get in the mindset of our respective persona and used the crazy 4’s method to generate as many ideas as possible.

What is crazy 4’s?
Usually there is a method called crazy 8’s as a design thinking method. It is a fast sketching exercise that challenges you to come up with eight distinct ideas in eight minutes. We changed this method to crazy 4’s so we divided a piece of paper in 4 sections. After two minutes we switched to the next quadrant to think about a new idea.

After 8 minutes we had lots of different ideas we discussed altogether and collected in a shared word document.

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