Tuesday Night – bike tour and canal

We decided to take advantage of the great weather and change our plans to do the bike tour to Pleistermühle on Tuesday instead of Thursday as originally planned. Although some of the group got temporarily lost on the way there and we took a bit more time than Google Maps suggested, everyone arrived at Pleistermühle after a fun ride. While some went to play mini-golf with varying degrees of seriousness, others simply enjoyed the sun, cold drinks and conversation.

Our way back we headed to the canal, where the pre-ordered pizza had already arrived with some of our group who had gone to pick it up. The American students were introduced to some German variations of pizza toppings such as Döner meat, hollandaise sauce, or egg, and after initial skepticism, enjoyed them very much. A refreshing dip in the canal was hard to resist and most of the group jumped in. The Americans, used to warm Georgia, were quite surprised by the cold water but that didn’t stop them from jumping in a second time.

With everyone looking forward to the pub tour the next evening, the day did not end too late.

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