Friday Night – Our last adventurous event

Our final workshop day culminated in a presentation about our design thinking project in the congress halls of Münster. The euphoria was immense after we finished presenting. We had successfully managed the seminar, collaborated within a large international group, and proposed solutions to a complex problem statement. Naturally, this called for a celebration.

We headed back to our Leonardo Campus without much delay and started a small BBQ in front of our faculty. Once the tables were set and the grill was fired up, everyone grabbed some food and we clinked glasses, toasting with our well-earned beers. After finishing our meal, we rearranged the tables to play beer pong and other group games. Time flew by, and soon we had to decide on plans for our last evening.

Most of us chose to explore the harbour sector of Münster. After returning our bikes to the local bike center—miraculously, every bike was returned without any issues—we found a charming bar called Eulen & Lärchen. There, we played a few card games and reminisced about our experiences throughout the week. A motivated group later decided to hit a club, though it turned out to be quite empty. We decided to end the night by going to Kulti-Kebab for one of the best doners in town.

All in all, we wrapped up the week with an adventurous evening, enjoying our time together one last time.

(Authors: Robin Albers and David Sträßer)

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