Thursday Night – “Kegeln” im Le Feu

On Thursday evening we decided to show the Americans “Kegeln”, which is a German type of bowling. We visited Le Feu for this. It is only a few minutes away from the city hotel, so we decided to take a short walk from the hotel to the restaurant. We arrived at the Le Feu at half past six and began with explaining the basic rules of kegeln. After everyone had made his first throw, the most of us ordered Tarte flambée.

After we finished eating we divided the table into two sides and formed two teams like this. Then we started with our first game, that was “Football”, where you have to knock off every pin in multiple throws and where the team, that kicks the last pin wins. After that we also played, “Connect Four” and “TicTacToe”. At both of these games you have to throw a number and this is then written down on a board. An example for TicTacToe would be that, if you throw a four the field in the middle is marked for your team. In Connect Four the number you throw will be stacked up by one with the symbol of your team and the goal is to build a way of four connected symbols from your team. 

We were kegeln for around three hour and after that everyone was so tired from the days before that we directly went back to the hotel and ended the evening at just half past nine.

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