Monday Night – Chill out by the Aasee and Eat Traditional German Food

The program for Monday was that we first wanted to chill out at the Aasee lake with picnic blankets etc.. Due to a thunderstorm, we had to postpone this to an hour later and then met at the Aasee at 18:30. The weather after the storm was great again and we were able to enjoy the sun with a few beers. The highlight was a fight (planned by us, of course) between two ducks, which we all followed with excitement. After about an hour, we went to the Bavarian pub Spatzl at the Aasee. Here we had traditional German food. My neighbors had goulash and Leberkäs and they really liked it. They enjoyed the German wheat and black beer even more. The atmosphere was very good and everyone was having fun (maybe it had something to do with alcohol). Armin and the American professors visited us around 10:00.

After the meal and the beer, we went back to the Aasee and chatted a bit and let the evening fade away. Everyone went home at around 11.30pm because a tour of the university’s CIT data center was planned for the next day.

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