Workshop Day 5 – Group 1

The last day of our workshop was going to be an interesting one. When the deadlines of a project gets closer and closer, it can sometimes get stressfull and chaotic. We still had some work to do on our presentation and were trying to work as organized and structured as possible. Because the work that was left was mostly design work, we split up to each focus on different tasks.

After some hours of collective effort we managed to finish our presentation and started practicing it. We all worked together to find the best ways to present our content. We decided that Tara and Steffen should be the ones presenting.

All students in the conference room after the presentation

We did a dry run in the SAP lab and collected input from the other groups. At 2pm we went into the big conference room at Georgia College and had a great presentation. Everything went pretty much smoothly and we received great feedback from Southwire.

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