The day after our big presentation

Today we all stayed in bed for a bit longer due to the long night we had on Friday. After packing up our things and checking out of the dorm rooms in Milledgeville, we all said goodbye to one another. One group drove back to the Airport for flights back to Germany or for further travels to New York, while the other’s carpooled to visit Dr. Jeannie Pridmore at her new house in Milledgeville. There, we had Bagels with cream cheese and threw the football we had bought at a Walmart earlier. A while later, we said our final goodbyes to Armin and Katrin and drove to Atlanta. Once we had arrived, we got ourselves a typical Atlanta meal at the Atlanta Breakfast Club, Chicken and Waffle.


We all got different variants of fried chicken on waffles with syrup on top. The response was a split one as some really enjoyed it while others had a hard time finishing their plates. The day ended with a relaxing Pizza on the balcony of our Airbnb while the others had already lift off towards their destinations.

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