Southwire Tour

After an intensive first day of work, we headed to one of Southwire’s business locations. Southwire, the organization that presented the case study for this year’s design thinking seminar, offered us an opportunity to see their working space up close.

The company showcased their office space which features an innovative lighting system powered by Ethernet which is a recent investment of theirs. This technology didn’t just light up the workspace, it also showed us the way Southwire works as a business.

Moreover, we learned about the details of their new lighting technology. It was a unique chance to understand its functionality, its potential to transform workspaces, and how it aligns with Southwire’s larger business goals.

This visit offered us more than a visual tour. It was an interactive experience that underscored Southwire’s values and practices. It also provided a practical context for our project, giving us valuable insights that would shape our understanding and approach to the case at hand.

After the tour, we had dinner sponsored by Southwire and went to see a baseball match (see next blog post for more information).

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