Our first time in a Walmart

After arriving on Friday, we took advantage of Saturday to go on a small sightseeing tour of Atlanta. On Sunday, we planned to visit a shopping mall and a Walmart, as these places are different in German cities compared to the US. For us German students, it is common to go to the city center and find everything there, while in the US, you have to venture outside the city. Walmart is also not available in Germany, so we were very impressed by the wide selection. On the way there, we took Marta, the train, but unfortunately, we couldn’t use it on the way back. Our train left right before our eyes, and it turned out to be the last one for the day, as it seemed. Generally, Marta was very empty, and it felt a bit strange, deserted, and rough compared to public transportation in Germany. Additionally, a strong storm with heavy rain started, so we quickly had to order 2 Ubers. Once we arrived at the hotel, we just relaxed for the evening and ordered pizza delivery through Uber Eat.

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