Creating a Project Plan – Group 1

                Creating the project plan for assignment 6 ran much more smoothly. Group Three used Microsoft Teams which did not limit our meeting time. All our team members were there, and we really had a great time working through the plan. We had one member work on the board within a shared PowerPoint and we all contributed ideas and comments. There was not one member of the group who wanted to use the VR headsets due to the difficulty we had with the previous sections. I enjoy meeting with this team and value their input with each step we work through. It was fun to be able to cut up and get to know everyone better.

I was able to learn something new when meeting with the group this time. I learned that there is a scamper process that can be used in the ideate stage. Building the project plan this time was much easier since we worked through what to do in assignment 5. The main challenge is still the time change. We are using a WhatsApp group chat to communicate much of the time with all our group members and that is much more efficient than email.

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