Workshop Day 4 – Group 1

On Thursday, Team 1 began working on our design thinking project at 9am. We started the day off by reviewing what we came up with during the ideate phase from Wednesday and then moved into working on preparing our PowerPoint presentation. We worked with the members in Team 1 as well as the members of group 2 and 3 to create a template that would satisfy all the members. There was a bit of a dispute, but after a group meeting, we were able to make a template that everyone was happy with.

We continued to work throughout the day organizing our information into our presentation and focusing on creating visuals for the prototype stage of design thinking. Our visuals showed Southwire how they could use the information and data we’ve collected to effectively improve their processes. By the end of the workday, we made a ton of progress on our presentation and things were starting to look very good for our presentation on Friday.

Mockup for a potential vendor Management Dashboard

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