The Georgia Aquarium

Before we met our American colleagues on Monday we spent two days exploring Atlanta. On Saturday we visited both the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca Cola. The Georgia Aquarium was suprisingly big and housed a lot of fish and some water-adjacent creatures (alligators, sea otters). The highlight, however, were the big creatures. The Aquarium is the only location outside of Asia where you can see Shark Whales. They had two Shark Whales that lived in a tank with some sharks, manta-rays and other fish. The sheer size of the was really stunning and unlike anything I’v ever seen in an aquarium. Another highlight were the beluga whales which were suprisingly cute in person.

One of the two shark whales

After walking through the aquarium we watched the dolphin show at the Aquarium. I personally had never seen a dolphin show before and was only used to seeing seal shows. These dolphins were way faster and better trained than any seal I’d seen before though. The best trick was one where the trainers used the dolphins as a surf board and darted across the arena. All in all the visit to the Aquarium was definitly worth it (even though the price was rather steep at 48$). If you are ever in Atlanta and have some free time I definitly recommend checking it out!

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