Workshop Day 5 – Group 2

On the last day of our design thinking workshop with Southwire, we completely focused on getting done our part of the presentation. The content for the presentation was all there, but we still needed time to work on making the presentation look pretty (design, structure). 

After this, we came together with the other groups to rehearse before the actual final presentation with Southwire took place. 

At 2 pm, the official presentation started and it took an hour to present them our suggestions that could solve Southwire’s problem statement which they stated during their kickoff presentation. Additionaly to that, the employees of the company asked us questions regarding our project findings & suggestions.

Now our project was done. We did an amazing job and everyone was satisfied with our presented results. For the afternoon, we were invited to visit Joy’s house (she’s one of the professors from the Georgia State College). We enjoyed a large BBQ party at her house and had a pretty good time at the sea. 

At night, we celebrated the night by going out partying and drinking. That is what we all deserved after an intense week (this is how we do 😉 ). 

We’re so lucky to have such great experiences made during this week at our seminar. Meeting the US culture while working on a student project, it gave us more motivation to work harder and be more open for multicultural collaboration.

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