Workshop Day 2 – Group 2

On Thursday, we started our meeting at 10am and continued with the define stage of the Design Thinking process. We looked at the 4 stars made on the previous day and every group started to brainstorm on what they meant. After some time, we got together and discussed the results in the big group.

After some time, we noticed that the stars we made were not a good choice, and we decided to restructure our board into efficient processes, concepts and numbers and hard facts. With the define phase, complete group 2 started to work in the ideating for numbers and hard fact.

We decided to make a dashboard where all the key numbers were represented in graphs, easy to compare to data from previous days or month. We also decided to plan out which diagrams fit to which facts and how we would organize them. Furthermore, we also considered what datatype to use and what was needed to calculate some of the hard facts we had worked out, and if all the ideas we previously had were feasible, measurable and if they were how we would go about doing that.

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