Workshop Day 3 – Group 2

On Wednesday we met at 10am in the Design Thinking Lab and together prepared for the call with Sebastian that was scheduled for 11am. We thought of a couple of questions that we needed to ask him so we could continue working with some more insights. We wanted to clarify how the organization of Dr. Oetker’s HR is composited and how different departments worked together. The video call helped us understand those details and what kind of result was actually expected from us. After that we discussed our further steps in the big group and what each group would do next. We continued working in our small group on our dashboard idea.

For the data we wanted to include in our dashboard we made up dummy data, so for the net promoter score (NPS), promotion vs. hired data, average days to hire and the number of open jobs. We thought of more data that could be collected or used which could be helpful for the HR department like employer turnover rate, job vacancy time or employee stress level.

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