Workshop Day 3 – Group 3

On Wednesday we met at the Leonardo Campus again and reviewed our past workday where we worked on the Define phase. We had already defined what is success and flexibility for HR. Now we had to ideate on solution on how to measure those factors. The first task of the day was a meeting with the Executive Digital Product Manager of Dr. Oetker to ask him important questions. We wanted to know from him if we are on the right track of solving the problem. After asking many questions it got more clear on what we had to do. We figured out that OKRs would be a good way to measure success for HR so we dug deeper on that. Also a good idea would be to implement a Business resource group(BRG) into the company. At the end of the workday we met back together with the other groups and discussed our results. They thought OKRs were a brilliant idea and also they figured out a survey is also a good idea to measure success for the HR Team.

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