Workshop Day 3 – Group 1

We started the workshop day after the Georgia students returned from their short visit to the food market in M√ľnster. The first point on our agenda was a call with our contact person at Dr. Oetker, Sebastian. This call helped us a lot. He explained the organizational structure of the HR departments and how they work together globally and answered all the questions that came up in our groups. We also gave him a short overview of the work we did the first two days. Talking to him really helped us sort out our thoughts and find the right path for the days ahead.

After the call we nailed down the problems we want to address and decided on a solution consisting of three components. We then assigned these components to the three groups.

Group 1 was responsible to design different surveys that gather more data that can be analyzed afterwards. We came up with a concept consisting of three different surveys. To evaluate the HR impact we decided that it would be helpful to gather data about the hiring process, the employee motivation, and the reasons why employees leave the company. The picture shows a short summary of our survey Concept:

To implement our concept as a prototype, we created first prototype-surveys with some questions we perceived as helpful. As one of the difficulties of our challenge was the internationality of the departments and the dynamic environment they operate in, we suggest a rather flexible questionnaire which consists of standard questions that should be asked everywhere, but also a part that is adjusted to the culture of each country. This also gives the possibility to change questions quickly to adapt to new challenges.

We decided to continue our prototype-surveys the next day.

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