Workshop Day 2 – Group 1

After we had gone through the Empathize and Define phases on Monday, we started with the Ideate phase on Tuesday. In this phase, the goal is to come up with as many solutions as possible for the previously defined problems.
In group 1 we used several methods to come up with different solutions. Among others we used the method “Crazy 8’s”. In this method, each group member individually thinks of 8 possible solutions within a few minutes and writes them down, regardless of whether they initially seem good or bad.
Then there is a phase in which each group member selects his solutions and chooses the best 3.Afterwards, everyone presents their 3 best proposed solutions and the most promising ones are selected.

At the end of the day, all the groups came together again to present all their ideas and again select the best ones in each case.

Camrynn writing down our ideas to present them to the whole group.

Each group presenting their ideas.

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