Workshop Day 1 – Group 2

After the presentation about Dr. Oetker and the Design Thinking challenge by company representative Sebastian, we decided to start the DT progress by holding on to our three groups from before, so we would have different approaches and ideas right at the start.

Our group of 6 American and 2 German students started the empathizing phase by thinking about different personas that are important for the HR department. We came up with the following four: Upper Management, Sebastian as Executive Digital Product Manager, Chief of HR (locally) and employees in general. We identified their actions and needs in order to find out how we could help them achieve a way to measure their HR success.

In the afternoon we met again with everyone to look at what everyone had achieved and to compare and discuss ideas. It was interesting to see that our approaches and concepts were very different but that we could use them all in one way or another. Group 1 had created four questions that outlined the challenge and that we would continue working on the next day.

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