Workshop Day 4 – Group 3

On Day 4 we mostly worked on prototyping our solutions to the ideas we found yesterday. We built two model sheets for ordering from Southwire. These sheets are targeting two problem areas, the problem of the RPA-Bot (Robotic process automation) loosing its footing when minor design changes are made and the problem of mismatched Product Numbers between Southwire and its customers.

Our stock order sheet

The stock order sheet mostly deals with the first of these problems. The table gives the RPA-System a nice anchor to hold on. This means that layout changes should not make the RPA-System look in places where we have no data.

Our Order Form allows customers to quickly (re-)buy recent and common items. Users just have to check the item they need and input the quantity of it they want. This system also helps the RPA-System because it’s wholly our design while also ensuring that no Product Numbers are wrong due to its automatic population.

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