Project Plan Reflection – Group 1

My teammates and I worked on our agenda for the upcoming week, where we
will be working on and finally presenting our project. We created this agenda based on
information that we already know and what we will need to know moving forward in
order to complete the assignment. I liked that we were all able to write down our
thoughts and collectively come together to determine which ones are important and
beneficial to the project. Also having one person place what it is that we will be doing on
that day on the agenda sheet. I feel that my team and I were able to effectively
communicate, especially because we have the same goal in mind. And if someone was
not understanding what was being talked about, they felt comfortable enough to voice
that and we were able to help with understanding.
I do not feel that I learned anything new about the design process, however I did
learn a term that will be useful in the prototyping stage. The term is SCAMPER and it is
another form of a brainstorming technique. However I do feel that the project plan has
helped us gain more understanding on how the design thinking process works. We
know how to navigate each stage of the process effectively. I do not feel that we have
had any problems working globally. The only challenge is the time constraint. Ensuring
that we are able to meet on the same day and time, being that we are in completely
different time zones. Another thing could be the language barriers because some words
that they say may not be of understanding to us and vice versa. Overall I feel that
everything has been great.

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