Presenting in front of an audience

Sometimes presenting can be very challenging. You don’t know whether you will remember everything you planned to say, how the audience reacts and what kind of feedback you will receive. For us it was the same. As representatives of our respective groups, we wanted to meet expectations and transport the results we worked so hard on.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that everyone in the audience wants you to succeed. They are there to listen, learn, and engage with the content you’re presenting. The audience is not your enemy; they are your allies. They are rooting for you, hoping that you deliver an informative and engaging presentation. Remember, they are not waiting for you to fail, they want to gain value from your talk. The requirement in these kinds of situations is not to be perfect, but to be yourselft and be proud about what you achieved over the course of the project.

The presenters after the presentation

With these aspects in mind, we managed to deliver a good presentation and had a lot of fun in the process. The feedback of Southwire was supportive, informative and gave us a sense of achievement. We hope that the future student in this course will look forward to their presentations and always remember to have fun!

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