A day at Christian’s pool

On Thursday we used the biggest part of our work time to create and prepare the presentation for Friday. It was an exhausting day since we still were not 100% ready with our content, and we had to discuss the design of the presentation with the other groups. Our opinions did not match at first, so we were stressed out. We would have liked to work on furthermore on our presentation, but we had a tour through the old governor’s mansion in Milledgeville planned at 4 pm. After that, we went out to get something to eat and I personally had one of the best dinners I ate during our time in the USA. We went to a kind of Mexican/Indian restaurant and had tacos and bowls etc. Not starving anymore, we could finally find some free time to hang out with the other students. Christian invited us to his pool at his apartment and it was probably the 2nd best evening besides the evening at Dr. Godin’s house at the lake. We played volleyball in the water as well as on the sand. Unfortunately, the beach volleyball court was just next to a river so we had to pull out the ball multiple times which was pretty annoying. In general, we just had fun, listened to music, talked with each other, etc. It was cool to learn about the music taste of the American students and we could get to know each other better, too. The temperature was high again, so the pool water was not that refreshing anymore, but we still needed a jump into some water.

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