Workshop Day 4 – Group 2

On the fourth day, we began by ranking our ideas from the ideation phase by feasibility to find ideas that are important, urgent and feasible. While discussing the feasibility of various ideas we gained new insights into the problem and agreed on a handful of solutions that scored highly on all counts.

Once we reached a consensus on these approaches, we started the PowerPoint presentation about our design thinking process and the potential solutions we came up with. To ensure a professional presentation, we coordinated with the other groups.

After lunch, we had a Zoom call with an alumnus who had participated in the design thinking workshop the previous year. He offered us some last-minute tips for our presentations.

A significant challenge we encountered was agreeing on a format for the final PowerPoint presentation. As we had been divided into three groups tackling different issues throughout the week, each group had developed its own slides. Despite agreeing on a general format, the presentation looked a bit chaotic. This was particularly problematic for us Germans, who found the inconsistency between the slides more confusing than our American colleagues did. As a result, we had to spend valuable time deciding on a uniform slide style.

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