First international collaboration on Zoom

Group 2

How did we meet?

Through the Excel spreadsheet provided by Katrin, we were able to identify our group members. As we did not want to lose any time, we quickly sent out an email to all those concerned. In it, we described a way to proceed and suggested Whatsapp for further communication. Without much waiting, we received a reply from the Americans, who were very keen to switch to Whatsapp. After we were on Whatsapp, it was a matter of finding a suitable date for everyone. Since there were considerable time differences, we Germans decided to propose dates in American time. This way we could eliminate possible miscommunication early on. After we explained to the Americans that we were a little limited in time because group 2 needed the VR goggles, we quickly made an appointment. We wanted to complete both assignments on this date. I set up a Zoom meeting and made it available to everyone.

How did the work go?

After setting the time and place, we met in Zoom. Everyone was there on time. After a short settling-in period, we also started to plan the work. We planned the performance and the further work on the VR goggles. After a short time we started with the presentation. First of all, all the points of the persona sheet were presented, but since this would exceed the time frame, we decided without further ado to concentrate on the actual persona. We introduced the persona, but we didn’t want to work strictly through it, but also really learn a little about the other people and the country. That’s why we often had conversations away from the task.

After the second assignment came the third. For the changeover, we decided to take a short break and meet again in half an hour. When we started again, we shared the link of the Spatial room. After some initial difficulties, we were finally able to meet on Spatial. The Americans were using Spatial for the very first time. So we could watch how they discovered everything. The ice was already broken by the discovery, but in order to do justice to the tasks, we played the game two truths and a lie. It was really entertaining and helped the group dynamics a lot.

For the task of the workshop, we decided to make a media break. We switched to Zoom for the organisation. There, I could present my prepared Word document more easily and better divide the tasks. After this was done, we worked in Spatial. We were always in communication, always looking at each other’s work and talking a lot.

You can read here why zoom is sometimes better than spatial: Zoom and Spatial

After more than 7 hours the work was done

After more than 7 hours we made it. We lost a few people along the way, but the majority were still on board. We were visibly relieved and happy that we had mastered the tasks. Accordingly, the most used function at Spatial was the clapping function. We discussed the organisational details once more and said: “See you tomorrow”.

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