Testing Stage

In advance of day 4, the group had worked independently on their presentations and any final work related to the past stages.  We worked primarily on the refining the testing plan and continued work on the final presentation.  At this point in the week our group was continuing to work well with together and we all had a desire to do our best work in preparation for the presentation on Friday.  I was impressed that there was really no one that had to be pushed to do their part.  Everyone continued to join in and offer suggestions and there seemed to be no hesitancy from anyone in the group to share.

The testing phase brought about some challenges in that we had two different types of ideas that would need to be tested somewhat differently.  The first insured backpack idea was tangible and could be marketed more easily through social media and since it was physical there was the opportunity to see what type of responses by partnering with different exiting backpack manufacturers.  The transitional policyholder idea brought more challenges from a testing standpoint, which is why we were only able to test using surveys.  There might have been some other options, but due to time constraints and getting results that could be shared the next day we were only able to use the surveys. 

We finished day 4 around noon American time and all agreed to meet at 8AM American time on Friday morning to run through the presentation prior to meeting with the professors and Provinzial. 

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