Presentation and Final Thoughts

Our final few days in collaborative groups went very well. We collectively decided not to post any final ideas from our ideation or prototyping phases to keep our solutions a secret. Obviously, we were all very excited to be working together! Having the structure from the SAP training was very beneficial to our time delegation and scheduling. We used most of the activities from the SAP training to individually engage ourselves and come up with different ideas for a solution. After we did our Personas and clustered our pressures/pain points for the empathize and define phases, we individually did crazy 4’s to begin our ideation phase. We had a number of really good ideas, and I’m still quite upset that we didn’t go with Kevin’s idea of haptic-tracked health insurance provided by information collected by e-watches. To narrow down our focus, we voted on our two favorite ideas to prototype, test, and present to Provinzial. The two ideas we selected were the insured bag & a transitional policyholder program. I feel like our presentation went very well, and I hope I can continue to keep in touch with everyone involved in this project!

Ian Rohring

Hi! My name is Ian Rohring. I am a senior at Georgia College & State University pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and have been interested in information technology for a number of years now. This class interests me because it challenges my analytic curiosity and attention to detail.

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