Programming the App

The American group created wireframes for the first prototype of our app on Wednesday evening (American time). On Thursday morning (German time), the German group refined the wireframes and changed some design points on the app.
Since we still had 24 hours until the final presentation and some of us have experience with app development, we decided to make a real prototype and program the app. This would facilitate prototyping on the one hand, but also the testing phase on the other.

For programming the app, we used Android Studio with which we could rebuild and implement the structure of the wireframes. The method we used here was pair programming. This led to more efficiency, fewer programming mistakes and new capabilities. Personally, I found out new features of Android Studio and had great fun creating the app together.
For testing, we installed the app to some of our friends, who on one hand gave us praise for the clarity, but also a lot of suggestions for additions. We are aware that the app was only a first draft and lacked many functionalities and smaller clarifications like the more detailed explanation of the price composition. Nevertheless, we are proud of the prototype and had great fun implementing it together in an international group.

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