Define: Survey Results

We held the second collaborative meeting between the American and German students via Zoom.

This meeting was arranged through our WhatsApp group upon finishing our meeting on Monday morning for the Americans and Monday afternoon for the Germans. The American students meet with the German students at eight in the morning which is two in the afternoon for the Germans.

At the beginning of this meeting, the Americans had the opportunity to share what was worked on the previous day during the evening meeting. We all agreed to create a mural workspace for the Americans and the Germans to work on as two groups. The task that we worked on as two groups was to look at the Provinzial website and share our thoughts and first impression of their website. At our meeting on Tuesday, we all shared our mural workspace in the Zoom meeting. The Americans started by sharing what they had accomplished at their evening meeting for the customer journey. Then the Germans shared their mural workspace over their customer journey with Provinzial.

All participating students looked over the survey results and as a team made a collective decision to create our persona based on the most common answers to the survey questions. We all joined the mural workspace to work on the empathy map canvas and the persona profile. We did a breakout session in Zoom and one team worked on the empathy map canvas and the other team worked on the persona profile.

For the team working on the empathy map, each person had a few minutes to go in the workspace and add sticky notes to the corresponding questions. Once everyone was content with their sharing, we worked on clustering the sticky notes to the corresponding question.

As for the team working on the persona, they were all given the opportunity to share their ideas by adding sticky notes to the general description, attitudes, portrait, goals, and quotes. The final decision on the persona was a twenty-three-year-old named Max – short for Maximillian from Münster, Germany.

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