Ideate: Finding solutions

For today’s session we worked on the ideate phase of the design thinking process. The ideate phase is the phase that our group generates ideas about addressing the problem. Our goal for this phase was to share our ideas on how we could address Provinzial’s problem statement. Provizial’s problem statement given to us was, “How might we improve touch points along the various stages of the customer journey to increase the satisfaction of young customers?”. To address this stage of the design thinking process and our problem statement we first met as two groups to put down as many ideas as possible. Once the two groups shared their ideas we put all of ideas together into a mind map. The image below is the mind map we came up with.

Based on the results we found we could group our ideas into four main categories. The four categories we came up with are New customer touchpoints, rethinking the marketing strategy, a digital transformation, and creating a new business model. After we established our mindmap we then decided on how we could use this mindmap to come up with the idea to share with Provinzial. We discussed the differing ideas in our zoom meeting and we came up with the idea of sharing two different options to Provinzial.

Our first idea is to make a few changes to their existing business model. The changes would include making updates to the website by simplifying the information provided on the website, increasing brand awareness, and updating social media platforms by hiring a team to manage those platforms and track engagement.

Our next idea we came up with was to create an entirely different business model. A business model that focuses primarily on creating a subsidiary of Provinzial that focus on the younger generation. This new subsidiary would have a focus on using an app powered by AI that customers would be able to get all of their information needed in the matter of a few minutes.

Once we elaborated on our ideas with the group and our professors we came up with a business model on canvas that we could share with Provinzial during our presentation. This business model helped us stay on track with our goal of providing ideas that addressed Provinzial’s problem statement.

Overall this was a great session and we really enjoyed sharing and discussing ideas with everyone. We are looking forward putting all of our ideas together for our presentation on Friday.

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