Mural as an interactive tool

Mural has been the most important all-encompassing tool for the progress of our team and our project thus far. With Mural, we are able to seamlessly work as a team, at same time, despite our different time zones. It gives room for every team member’s ideas to be pitched and considered in a rich, collaborative way, while also providing a space for team members who are less vocal, but no less contributory, with their ideas.

There is an abundance of templates to visually develop each case study and to better depict our research as we progress through the 5 stages of Design Thinking. We may not be in the same location but using Mural feels as real as being in the same conference room, brainstorming through ideas with sketches, images and sticky notes. The visual, colorful and expressive nature of Mural encourages idea generation, effective teamwork and individual productivity.

There is an array of possibilities with Mural, from creating rooms for groups to creating rooms for sub-groups to creating private rooms if needed. Even when a larger room is split, the team lead of the sub-group can invite team members to follow them to a section of the mural to brainstorm before convening as a collective group. Such inter- and intra-team collaboration ensures that all angles of a project and its relevant ideas are examined and the final product/solution is a true reflection of both individual and team effort.

Our final presentation was also on Mural and our professors and Provinzial representatives loved it. According to them, “Mural made our presentation look clean, organized and expressive.”

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