Empathize and Define

Today was a very rewarding day for Group 2. Yesterday, we didn’t do very much physical work and instead discussed the problem associated with our case study. We also developed a working agenda for each phase of the design thinking process that needs to occur this week. Most of yesterday comprised of discussing any major differences in insurance protocol and its culture between German and American companies. While leaving yesterday’s meeting, we came an agreement that each group member would individually complete a Persona character profile for the ideal German insurance customer. Our plan was to complete both the Empathize and Define phases by the end of our meeting today.

Upon our reunion this morning, everybody in our group seemed like they had really thought hard about the case study and the constraints involved with it. To gain a better insight on the insurance market in Germany, one of our team members texted some of his friends who actually have German insurance policies. He interviewed them about the policies they have, who in their family pays for them, what is important to them in an insurance company, and how Provinsial can increase its visibility in the public. These responses, along with the ideas collected from other Persona’s, helped us define some really solid needs and pain points. Following each members’ presentation of their Persona, we voted on our favorite needs & pain points as a group After this, we clustered these needs into 4 clusters: time, attitude, experiences, and benefits.

When we finished the work we expected to complete today, we invited each professor into our Zoom meeting to get any comments or suggestions from them. After clarifying all questions, we decided that we were in good enough of a place to separate for the day and work individually to prepare for our meeting tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is to be done with prototyping by the end of our meeting. To help us prepare, we all agreed to come up with possible solutions and we plan to open our meeting tomorrow by voting on our crazy 4’s. I think that our team has managed our time well and we have communicated effectively to clarify expectations for each member of the group. One question we plan on asking a member of the insurance company is whether or not premiums increase as drastically as they do in America upon reaching a certain age. Other than that, we have a pretty solid plan of action that just needs to be executed at the same pace and level of quality with which it was started.

Ian Rohring

Hi! My name is Ian Rohring. I am a senior at Georgia College & State University pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia and have been interested in information technology for a number of years now. This class interests me because it challenges my analytic curiosity and attention to detail.

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