How specific is too specific?

While we were empathizing in our group, we came up with many different personas, that describe different typical customer representations. We started on our own by thinking about demographic facts, typical behaviours and pains & needs of potential young customers of Provinzial and shared the results in our group afterwards. The variety of our ideas was great and at the same we discovered that a few thoughts came up in every other persona. Going forward in the process of defining, we decided to narrow down all our ideas to a persona which inherits all the key attitudes and issues. While trying to put all our best points into one persona, a discussion came up, wheather we should stick to the plan of creating one “big” persona or maybe two or three instead to cover the range of different customer groups.

One argument to create multiple personas was that we would not restrict ourselves later in the ideating phase. Against the development of more than one persona stood the point that we know best the situation of our first persona who is a student in a similar age and phase of life to us and we have limited time to empathize further with other people. Additionally, we thought that the group of people in their mid twenties are a valuable customer group for insurance companies and it could be beneficial when we had a more narrow statement of the problems we want to solve.

In the end, we decided on going with just one persona, so that we can really focus on their specific needs and challenges. After brainstorming for solutions to tackle these problems, we want to evaluate our ideas and see if they also solve problems of other personas that we came up with in the beginning. We will keep you posted on this topic!

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