Empathy: Creating our Survey

As part of the Empathy phase our group decided to send out a survey to better understand how young people interact with insurance. We opted to send the survey out in both Germany and the United States. We decided that the American perspective could still be valuable even if the company was located in Germany as there is a significant amount of overlap.

This task presented an interesting challenge as we not only had to create questions but we also needed to decide what the best way to capture the information was. In most cases we used predefined results since they were easier to categorize. It was also challenging to phrase the questions in a way that people from either region would understand.

We were careful when organizing the questions because we felt the order we asked questions could impact our results. One of the first questions we asked was an open ended “What do you associate with insurance”. Had we put this question at the end the results would have been skewed by the insurance information within the survey.

We’re opening for lots of results, you can take our survey below:


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