Business Case Reveal ‘Provinzial’ & DT Process

The business case for Provinzial was presented along with background about the company and what they were hoping to accomplish through this project.  The goal of the project was…. “To improve touchpoints along the various stages of the customer journey and to increase the satisfaction and retention of younger customers.”  Provinzial also seeks to attract younger customers from the ages of 16 to 35. 

During the presentation, we heard from Provinzial about the products they sell in Germany.  Their products include casualty, life, health, and reinsurance types of insurance.  They support areas in Germany related to arts and culture, prevention like fire safety, sports teams, and social responsibility.  These areas will be potential touchpoints for Provinzial to utilize to reach their target audience.

Group 2’s goal will be to provide Provinzial with a solution that will attract and retain younger adults to their company.  We will follow the design thinking process beginning with empathizing with the user by creating personas and defining the problem.   

We also met as a group on day 1 and discussed the next steps and the best way to move forward.  We discussed the empathize and define stages including which tools (Mural) we would use to collaborate with each other.  We also decided on a daily meeting time (8AM-11AM) each day to discuss each stage.  Our next action at this point is to have everyone work on individual personas and use that information to start day 2 and then work to complete the define stage by the end of our meeting time on Day 2 (Tuesday). 

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