Ideate Stage

Today’s focus was on the Ideate phase and this phase brought about some good ideas / solutions for the group to present.  In the ideate phase it was interesting how everyone thought differently and came up with different ideas, but all seemed to drive back to the same goal which was good.  Based on my understanding of this stage, it should take the group beyond the brainstorming exercises of the past and into what is called a flare of creative ideas where members of the group think of all possible alternatives or ‘Crazy Ideas’ that could possibly be implemented.  The group narrowed down all the ideas (probably close to 50) and voted on the top 2.  Once the two were selected, we began to investigate the details of each idea. After all ideas were voted on, the group chose to go with the insured backpack and transitional policyholder program as the top 2 to present on Friday. The insured backpack brought a lot of curiosity from the professors and spurred a great deal of conversation between our group. 

Day 3 was the busiest and longest day of the week so far and took a lot of mental energy out of everyone.  We worked from 8AM to 2PM American time and all worked independently on the presentation.  In the end, the day was very productive and gave way too many great ideas.  As the week goes on, we continue to grow together and are becoming a more cohesive group which helps the overall process to go more smoothly.

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