Workshop Day 1 – Project Planning and Empathizing

We started the project with step 1 of Design Thinking: Empathize. We split into 3 different groups, 2 of which handle researching and the other group surveying.

The research groups focus on finding and analyzing data related to data waste. This includes research on different companies, organizations from various fields. They also look into some of the biggest data center all over the world and extract useful data to help give an overview of the problem.

The survey team started with preparing a list of questions for a survey about data waste. This survey focus on the current awareness of data storage waste and in particular the reasons why people tend to and not to delete their digital data. The results was very positive as we received more than 200 responses in both English and German. This result helped us to create charts and graphs for specific purposes, based on which we managed to create 4 different personas for our project.

Anh Tuan Ky Don

I am currently doing my 4th semester of my Bachelor in Information System at University of M√ľnster. In my free time, I like playing football and video games. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends.

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