Persona Meeting via Zoom – Group 3

After some time of trying to find a date and time that would work for both groups, we finally had our first Zoom meeting. Since it was the first meeting with only members of our group and we hardly knew each other before, we were excited to get to know each other. We started with some small talk to get comfortable with the group, and then we talked about the struggles and difficulties we had in creating our own personas. These personas included our drivers, motivations, values, pains and frustrations.

We then each presented our own personas to the group for about three minutes and recorded this session to upload later as part of our assignments. It was really interesting to learn a little bit about each other and to get a glimpse into the struggles and values of other people’s lives this early in the process of getting to know each other. We realized that while there is some overlap, there are a lot of different values and drivers that lead to similar pain and frustration.

Overall, this first meeting was super fun and exciting and we are all looking forward to meeting in person in a few weeks.

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