First Team Meeting in VR/Persona Zoom Meeting – Group 1

Because of technical difficulties with the VR headsets of the Americans and the problems we had with finding a day, where everybody is available we decided to combine our first VR Meeting with the presentation of our personas.

We started our meeting in teams, where everyone presented the persona of himself, that he created before. The persona contained information like current drives or plans for the future and also how everybody would describe himself.

After everybody presented his persona we put on our VR headsets and meet in our Spatial Room, where we created notes about the Design Thinking process. It was a lot of fun to create this notes, but I would not say that it is the most productive way of working together. If you write down notes with your hand in VR it is not readable for everyone and if you use the keyboard it takes a long time to write something, because you have to point and then click on every letter one after another.

At the end a part of our group filmed the results that we produced and took a few pictures from our virtual room.

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