Creating a project plan – Group 1

Today we had a productive meeting in which we finalized the project plan for next week.

Before we met via teams, we agreed on a day and time and looked at the documents individually so that we were prepared for the meeting. At the meeting itself, we came together in teams and reiterated the task and the associated goal that we wanted to achieve in our project phase.

“How might we make people and organization aware that their day-to-day data creation greatly adds to the CO2 emission, and achieve a change in their behavior”.

We divided our project plan into 5 phases based on the principle of “Design Thinking”:
Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.
The aim was to divide these 5 phases and their content into the five project days.

In the first step, the Empathize phase, we want to start a survey to collect different opinions, followed by the creation of personas. The first phase also includes research to find out, among other things, whether it is better to use cloud storage or to store files locally.

The next phase, the Define phase, includes naming the various stakeholders and bringing together solutions that already exist. The main problems should also be identified.

The Define phase is followed by the Ideate phase. Here we would like to develop solutions for the problems mentioned above. Methods such as ‘How Might we’ questions and ‘Crazy 4’ can be used here to develop optimal solutions.

The last two phases, Prototype and Test, include transform our ideas into concrete prototypes and test them.

You can find our concrete schedule in the graphic below.

We are already very excited to see to what extent our project plan can be realised and what ideas we will have developed by the end of the project phase.

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