Workshop Day 3 – Group 2

On day 3, we, first of all, reviewed our progress across various stages of the design thinking process. Leveraging our board, we highlighted key discoveries from the empathize phase, which then guided us in formulating an actionable problem statement during the definition phase. This problem statement was specifically tailored to address the primary pain points we had identified.

Afterward, we moved to the ideation phase and used mural as a platform for brainstorming diverse solutions to the problem statement we had defined. To ensure that we focus on the most critical ideas, we organized all virtual sticky notes within a matrix, ranked by their respective levels of importance and urgency.

Once we finished prioritizing, we got lunch and drove from our campus in Carrollton to Milledgeville.

Even though we didn’t have that much time to work on the case today, we were extremely productive throughout the day, laying a solid foundation for further development of our potential solutions tomorrow.

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