Workshop Day 2 – Group 2

On our second day, we still continued to try understanding the problem of Southwire. We figured out that there are much more smaller issues than expected that need to be tackled for solving the P2P / OTC problem. 

At first, we used design thinking to write down the information we need for later during the define phase. Then, we split our team into two halfs and each half addressed a different task. We had a team for process and one for a invoice recalculation (ideation phase now started). 

Main focus was to think about how automation could fix the processes of invoice work. That was actually hard because Southwire is using lots of manual repos and does not want to reduce the manual steps. We collected our ideas and draw process lines on a board. Next to these steps, we also participated in calls with the personas and tried to ask questions that could lead us one step further in our group work. 

Tough day, but we learned a lot. 

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