How and where VR is used in industrial cases

Virtual Reality made a few important steps towards operations in industrial environments. In some industries Virtual Reality is already implemented nowadays and the following will give a quick overview.

The automotive industry uses it to allow engineers and designers to experiment and test the look of a car before producing expensive prototypes. Some brands such as BMW and Jaguar hold early design and engineering reviews to check the visual design before money is spend on physical products. By reducing the number of prototypes, the industry can save millions.

Another huge use case for Virtual Reality is the healthcare. Medical experts use virtual models to train and prepare themselves for working on real people. Furthermore, Virtual Reality can be even used as a pain relief for burn injuries in some cases. Additionally, mental health issues such as PTSD and anxiety can sometimes be treated with Virtual Reality.

Online Shopping is a market with great potential because we canĀ“t try on the clothes we want before we buy them. For the use of Virtual Reality in online shopping, body-scanning technology would be needed to virtually try on clothes to see what they would look like. There are some companies that are pretty advanced with their technologies such as ASOS or eBay.

Virtual Reality is also pretty useful in real estate and architecture. You can look around properties from home without having to go there. There is no need for a real estate agent and you don’t have to sacrifice your free time to drive to another location. After a first selection you can visit your favorites in person.

Virtual Reality also slowly enters the house building and planning for the architects. They can design and experiment with their work in Virtual Reality. Architects already have been using 3d models for a few years but now with Virtual Reality they can use immersive tools and bring it to life.

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